The Ped Pack

The Background:

As part of my work this year around Teaching and Learning I produced this pack to assist in improving the quality of learning in lessons. It is designed to assist teachers develop new and existing strategies, building on work done within our CPD sessions this year.

I have always been blown away with the resources shared on Twitter. I’ve previously called it the perfect pedagogical Big Mac. Concise yet effective communication of strategies and ideas that work. I have all year tried to find ways to share this amazing practice with colleagues who may not see it.

The Book:

Designed around @teachertoolkit’s 5 minute Lesson Plan the Ped Pack is a one stop shop for assistance in developing your Teaching and Learning. It can be utilised when planning lessons, during lessons for on the fly activities, after lessons for reflection or feedback or several other ways. It uses ideas and contributions from all over twitter and some original work.

The Magpie-ing:

This truly wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing resources shared on twitter – the Primary tool for compiling this was Twitter. Therefore many thanks to:


I have tried to fully reference the work in it – If I have missed someone please let me know so I can make amendments.

You can download your copy by clicking the link below:

The Ped Pack

Blogroll and online resources being continually updated.

With thanks to

(Book –
(Blog –

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