About This Blog

I am currently in my sixth year of teaching and currently work as Associate Leader for Teaching and Learning at a Secondary School in Leeds. This role is a Senior Leadership Secondment that I do in addition to being the Curriculum Leader – Performing Arts.

Previous to this I was Joint Head of Music and Assistant Leader of Specialism at a Secondary School near Nuneaton.

I have experience in many wide ranging area’s of school life and have packed a lot into my career so far.

Part of my reason for setting up the blog was to try and help be part of the solution to the problems I raised in my first column. However it was also to use this blog as a reflective tool for me to become better and get feedback on the work I do. Therefore from time to time I will upload resources/lesson ideas/schemes that I use/have used. These are not definitively the best, they are merely where I’ve got to in my working. They have worked for me in the past, though this is not to say I’m always going to use them in the future if someone comes along with a different/better idea.

If there’s something on here you think is a bit iffy please comment or get in touch – it helps me get better.

Finally I leave you with a question that has always underpinned my work within education – What would you do today if you knew you couldn’t fail?

I then give it a bash anyway – if I get it wrong, someone will point me in the right direction, and without them pointing I’d never find out which direction is the right direction anyway.

P.S. – There will be typo’s I write a lot of it on the go 🙂

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