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I’m just on my iphone sir!

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Tweet me a question. Check in to an activity. Write a few notes. Send a message to a friend.

Active engagement hook for afl, increasing active learning and part of my boosting independence drive.

Printed a4, laminated and available in every room, every lesson.



Assessment Booklets

April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

The joy of assessment in high school’s – eh?

Well far be it from me to know the definitive answer – however, I’ve had a number of stabs in the metaphoric dark over the years at trying to satisfy many masters. Ofsted want to see progress, Senior Leadership want a subdivided level for each pupil to show Ofsted the progress, Parents aren’t entirely sure what a Level 5 is – but it sounds okay and Pupils like what they’ve created and think it’s awesome so don’t understand why it’s only a Level 4. Truth is I never use statements such as is a Level 4. Thanks to my brilliant PGCE course I learnt that a piece of music isn’t a level 4 it’s a piece of music.

However an assessment policy we all must have and assessment has to be done in some shape way or form so I put together the following – It’s the level descriptors crudely broken into performing, composing and appraising. It doesn’t necessarily offer a clear progression route but it seems to work well in the kids. Plus it proves some useful conversation stimulus without being over demanding in the classroom. It also helps give a best fit and having something to use to record your thoughts when you listen to pupils perform etc to help inform summatative decisions when they need to be given. I also use it at Parents Evenings.

It’s a series of separate sheets that form an A5 booklet. On the front cover I usually put Level of Learning / Helping You To Help Yourself…





Stomp Scheme

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Here is a scheme based on ‘Stomp’.

It features one of my favourite things to do which is only to focus on Exceptional Performance and Level 8 Level Descriptors. Towards the end of the project we talk in terms of showing a little bit of exceptional performance. It’s proved to be really good way of boosting the self esteem of pupils and they always leave on a high feeling they can no begin to look at those level descriptors feeling they can do it.

In terms of the scheme, again, I think it has it’s strengths mainly as it’s really creative, you can leave the kids to generate ideas and sounds themselves and IT’S FUN!

Stomp 2010


The role that AfL can play in KS3 Music Education

April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Article by Martin Fautley I have today read via

I like this article a lot and have used this when speaking to colleagues in school about assessment in music as a brief but clear back-up to the points I make when discussing assessment in my music department.