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Exemplification Of Standards in KS3

April 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I have used this in school before in order to provide a stimulus for discussion over the National Curriculum Levels. It features video, photo’s of work, written work, sound files etc etc. I think one of the main things it does do, through discussion, is get everyone in your department on the same wavelength with assessment.

It is not without it’s limitations – part of a wider assessment debate that has been rumbling on within Music Education perhaps since the dawn of time – but an interesting discussion point nonetheless



Assessment Booklets

April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

The joy of assessment in high school’s – eh?

Well far be it from me to know the definitive answer – however, I’ve had a number of stabs in the metaphoric dark over the years at trying to satisfy many masters. Ofsted want to see progress, Senior Leadership want a subdivided level for each pupil to show Ofsted the progress, Parents aren’t entirely sure what a Level 5 is – but it sounds okay and Pupils like what they’ve created and think it’s awesome so don’t understand why it’s only a Level 4. Truth is I never use statements such as is a Level 4. Thanks to my brilliant PGCE course I learnt that a piece of music isn’t a level 4 it’s a piece of music.

However an assessment policy we all must have and assessment has to be done in some shape way or form so I put together the following – It’s the level descriptors crudely broken into performing, composing and appraising. It doesn’t necessarily offer a clear progression route but it seems to work well in the kids. Plus it proves some useful conversation stimulus without being over demanding in the classroom. It also helps give a best fit and having something to use to record your thoughts when you listen to pupils perform etc to help inform summatative decisions when they need to be given. I also use it at Parents Evenings.

It’s a series of separate sheets that form an A5 booklet. On the front cover I usually put Level of Learning / Helping You To Help Yourself…