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4i’s – Identification, Information, Intervention, Impact

June 9, 2013 1 comment

With @trueenglish365 and an Assistant Head at my school I have been helping to lead on the 4i’s initiative. Initially composed by our CL for Maths and myself from a collaborative working party based around assessment, this is a mechanism to annotate your data and provide more information to show what you are trying for pupils who are underachieving.

It is completed at the same time as data submission for any class effected by the latest round of data tracking being submitted.

Firstly staff crunch the numbers and get the rough idea of the data headlines for each specific group.

4i Template

Then on the next page staff identify the specific pupils or cohorts and utilise the following “pit stops” in order to help them identify an appropriate intervention and impact measure.

4i’s BFL

4i’s EAL Interventions-1

4i’s FSM Interventions-1

4i’s G+T interventions-1

4i’s LAC Interventions-1

4i’s SEN Interventions-1

4i’s Use of Additional Adults

At the next data collection all staff review the impacts grading them PRAG (Purple – more than expected, Green – as expected, Amber – just under what was expected, Red – Impact not seen) Then if required staff try something new.

The 4i’s from each completion (three a year) is kept to show progress and interventions over time.

Ofsted recently complimented the system in our Section 5 and cited it as good practice for demonstrating progress over time.

Most importantly teacher feedback is hugely positive and it is seen as an effective tool for quick and easy reflection to aid pupils maximise progress in the classroom.

This was a complete team effort and has been adapted and developed in partnership with many different staff.

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