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April 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I don’t know the history of the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills framework, but sometimes I set lesson objectives/outcomes solely around one of the 6. (Although sometimes I wonder if these six are it?! But that’s another conversation….) It can be a great way of removing obstacles for students – for example one of the bullet points in Independant Enquirers is “explore issues, events or problems from different perspectives”. Pupils can sometimes obsess over hitting problems – sometimes more inclined never to start a task in case they hit problems they can’t overcome. By using the PLTS framework your whole lesson can be about hitting the problems – the problems are the point. It’s an instant celebration that pupils are hitting problems, thus turning the issue of learning obstacles on it’s head. It’s quite a thing when you build an ethos that to have a successful lesson the pupils need to hit problems and overcome them…. works for me!

My favourite way of using them for me is page 2 of this pdf which is laminated on my white board for ease of use –


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