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NUMU – A Must for a 21st Century Music Department

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Imagine being 12 years old and spending an half an hour composing a piece of music. After half an hour you and your group perform it, you get the customary round of applause, a few good comments – a few things you could do to develop your compositions skills blah blah blah. What then happens – nothing. The music is lost to the ether.


Numu is incredible. It’s very simple to use, has very helpful support and has a huge impact with the pupils.

Numu is your own online record label. You set up you record label and add artists to it. Every pupil gets their own artist page and username/password. On their artist page they can upload a photo, write a blog and listen/download to other students work even commenting if they wish. It’s all perfectly prepped for safeguarding – only school’s can access it and no post goes ‘live’ until a ‘publisher’ (a member of staff) approves it. Also whilst anyone can go to your site and listen to the kids – they can’t see the photo’s and blogs unless they sign in – very safe!

You record pupils work in the lesson. After the lesson you upload it. I will often be uploading music during lessons later in the day or during meetings. It’s very easy to work.

What it means is pupils can now go home and listen to them performing their compositions. Pupils can go home and download their work and put it on their ipods/mp3 players/phones. Pupils can link form their facebook pages so others can listen to their work.

The possibilities for using NUMU to improve pupils musicianship is limitless – and the kids LOVE IT.

It also gives you a handy resource bank of files for assessment purposes – and BTEC students can use their blog and comments people give them as evidence! BONUS!

I started a record label for my current school 1 week ago today. It has already had over 500 listens to pupils work.

The record label I set up for my old school has had over 50,000 listens.

It boosts confidence, engagement, enthusiasm, excitement, to the feeling of relevance and pupils desire to improve.

It also gives your school an easy to manage way of presenting a public image to the community. I have lost count of the staff who have said listening to pupils work has made them feel proud about working at the school the music originated from. I’ve even known staff ring their friends and families all over the world and tell them about it.

It’s quite simply EPIC!

If nothing else – my recommendation is for you to set up your own record label now – you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to do, and the huge impact it has in your school!



The Interactive Classroom

April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Based on an experience of using Microsoft Live “Spaces” I have recently set up an Interactive Classroom for the Performing Arts Department I lead. It is very much in it’s infancy, it is infact only 10 days old. However it has had over 300 hits, so it is already being used.

We post all kinds of resources / info up there for all kinds of reasons.

We have a Live from Lessons feature where the pupils blog live form the lesson answering questions a member of staff gives to them – so far we’ve started simply with “What are you doing in your lessons today?’.

We also have links to youtube video’s both related to things we’re doing in lessons and as a Do-It-Yourself Instrumental lessons feature.

It’s proved to be useful so far – It’ll be fun to see where it goes.

We also blog about how rehearsals are going for the school production.

You can take a look at